Sacha Allistone


“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

Arundhati Roy

Some testimonials from my clients

"I have been seeing Sacha for the last two years. When I began therapy I was going through a difficult time, my self-esteem was low and my emotions were high. I had been thinking about therapy for a long time but I finally came to a tipping point and decided to put aside my fears about seeking help. It was tough to make that leap but it’s one of the best decisions I have made and I am extremely grateful that I had Sacha to guide me through the challenging experience of opening up and coming to terms with my emotions. She creates a calm, safe and reassuring environment where I am comfortable to share and reflect on my life and take positive action. She has been proactive and open to trying different approaches to find what I respond to best so that I get the most out of the time we have. Therapy with Sacha has made a significant impact in my life and my art and I know will continue to do so."
A.S. (female, twenties)

"I was a client of Sacha's for a year and a half.  During this time she helped me greatly to understand and resolve a number of issues I had been avoiding for many years. The process was extremely eye opening and rewarding, even though at times also tough but necessary.  I attribute a great amount of the success of these sessions to Sacha's abilities as a counsellor.  She showed me huge amounts of understanding and guidance, both professionally and intuitively. Despite already being both a listener and guide, she also taught me how to process my own thoughts and emotions, eventually allowing me to actively engage with and direct my own self development. I consider my time spent with Sacha invaluable; my only regret being I had not chosen to do this many years ago. I strongly endorse Sacha's abilities, professionalism and character and I am extremely grateful for the support and help I received during my time with her."
O.P. (female, thirties)

"I have been working with Sacha for around a year now, on a regular basis, and I’ve seen a big improvement in my approach to life situations that I find difficult. We have taken on some challenging exercises which have helped me to discover more about my relationships with other people. I’m confident that when I have an appointment with Sacha, I will get a lot out of it.”
J.B. (male, twenties)

“When I first came to see Sacha for counselling I felt like I couldn’t cope, I was like a soldier running through a cave and tearing it up destructively.  Eleven months later, I had the feeling of being able to accept myself and felt like a monk sitting peacefully in a cave."
P.V. (male, 17)